Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue allows you to develop an awareness and experience of your inner selves or sub-personalities. Sub-personalities are those aspects of ourselves such as the pleaser, pusher, critic or couch potato that serve important functions at different times.

However if we are strongly identified with them, we are running on an automatic program that can cause problems in our all areas of our lives.

Voice Dialogue offers a process where these aspects are identified, examined and then objectively looked at from the vantage point of the “aware ego” or the neutral observer. At this point these aspects can now be more consciously integrated so that we can use them when we need them and let go of them when they’re not relevant.

After all at the end of a hard day at work using the “pusher” sometimes we need to be able to let go and be the “couch potato”!

Find out what part of yourself is in the drivers seat

My role as a facilitator is to alert you to subtle changes , your awareness is being trained to recognise shifts in energy patterns.
As awareness expands, you gradually learn to make these distinctions independently of the facilitator through your own aware ego and gain skills in identifying who is in the drivers seat at any given time energetically speaking.