Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transpersonal (adjective):

denoting or relating to states or areas of consciousness beyond the limits of personal identity.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy - an overview

The purpose of this overview is assist you assess, in terms of mental health and wellbeing , if your deeper needs can be better met by the transpersonal therapies.

The range of transpersonal therapies tend to work with human potential. you can be more than the identity you thought was you.

This comes about by using symbolic representations to develop our affective nervous system and right brain function. (In western culture the effective nervous system is a little overworked, we are expected to be effective and “do” almost to the exclusion of all else.) We make use of some of the nearly one hundred thought trains cycling behind the scenes in our mind. We would normally only be aware of ten at most.

Some of the modalities a transpersonal psychotherapist might offer include:

Sandplay therapy

Voice Dialogue

Nodal work for COEX (constellated emotional experiences)

Narrative and expressive therapies

Holotropic Breathwork

Emotional release therapy

Psychodrama / family systems / attachment theory

Gestalt therapy


Art Therapy, clay, collage,drawing, mandella work

Transpersonal Psychotherapy is derived from Carl Jungs understanding and scientific theory of the workings of the human mind.
The psyche, the top level of consciousness, operates beyond the restrictions of time and space. From the psyche , or soul, comes our reasons for being, those very personal spiritual experiences and callings which are so unique and so very hard to follow. The transpersonal helps provide a map, or overview, of all the individual tendencies we have that make us individuals. (refer to Jung’s map of the Soul..Murray Stein).

The transpersonal therapy is very much for those who want to be self -determining, self responsible and self realized; eg leaders and healers. If you want control of your own life this is for you.

Transpersonal therapy is inwardly directed and is focused on depth and heightened awareness, a vertical axis of growth. We gain resilience and emotional agility. Life is fuller.

Transpersonal therapies will encourage the development of the transcendent function . Jung founded this term referring to a healing state of mind that arises as the conscious and unconscious areas of mind are reconciled. Transcendent function has a modern medical equivalent; neuroplasticity, the ability of the mind to build new neural pathways to surmount damaged or dysfunctional brain function.

The majority of behavioural therapies, such as CBT, are alike in that they work with thought restructure; thought being the forerunner of behavior.

Transpersonal psychotherapy works at a higher level, that of perception. It is the way we perceive reality that so affects the way we feel, the thoughts we have , and the behaviour that follows.

By centering our perception of events we remove the immediate need to think judge and behave . We becoming less attached and identified with outcome, more serene and contented, calm; much more in charge of our emotional responses. We come closer to the Divine on one hand and more emotionally responsive on the other hand.

Our perceptions come from several sources:

our senses

our interpretation of what our senses tell us (highly influenced by emotional/experiential feedback)

our soul qualities (individual tendencies)


Transpersonal therapies in conjunction with body therapies such as Massage, Shiatsu work to increase the range and functionality of senses.

As well as our 5 external senses , sight, sound, hearing, taste, touch we have a number of internal senses; proprioreceptors, magnetosomes, muscle spindle cells, specialized thermoreceptors, equilibrioreceptors.

It is from our internal senses that we get “vibes”. Increasing awareness and function of these senses certainly increases our ability to read our environment, particularly the emotional surroundings.

Further, bringing the interpretation of the content of experiences to the respectful and interested therapist and therapy groups helps us check the validity of our interpretations.

By revealing our thoughts in a non-judgemental and safe environment we can check events of now against our interpretation of past events and better understand the patterns of life, what we create for ourselves both consciously and unconsciously.

Transpersonal therapies help clear the reality fogged by emotional attachments, so often unconscious. We are trained to observe ourselves in action with interest, compassion, and an eye to truth rather than defence or outcome. In terms of the old adage, we are removing the log out of our own eye.

Transpersonal work in perception brings us closer to soul and the Divine through us: not as a religious belief but as a personal reality.
As Rumi says
“we rarely hear the inward music but we are dancing to it nevertheless”

Transpersonal Therapy Workshops

There will be a number of transpersonal workshops held at the retreat over the year. You can find them on the upcoming events calendar.

Individual Needs

If patterns or events in your life don’t make sense or affect your wellbeing, you might like to give us a call, Doug or Helen, on 07 5439 9595.
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