The Question of Therapy

Therapy is not!

First... what therapy isn’t

Therapy isn’t something you go to because someone told you to……there’s always someone telling us what we need

Therapy isn’t about blaming your parents… they’re busy living a human life. It is about how past events and environment affect the way you live your own life.

Therapy isn’t necessarily a need… the ones that need it most rarely go. It responds to a deep desire for change

Therapy isn’t a waste of money… how much does marriage or health breakdown cost. Some of the worlds richest men will vouch that the most important dollar spent is the one on self development.

Therapy isn’t a fixit for our issues….we’re not a car. Believe it or not we’re in charge of our lives —with a few exceptions

Therapy isn’t about passing a test…. you’re a perfect human being. It is about your belonging, your sense of purpose and direction, your meeting needs better.