Sunshine Coast Rehabilitation Center

_b8a3443-edit-19Nurture in Nature Holiday Package

Sunshine Coast Rehabilitation Center for warriors wounded in the Corporate war.

Demanding job no time to stop and just be in the now, feeling life is empty and aimless?

Anxiety on the increase and feeling overwhelmed? Over use of caffeine to keep awake? Shoulders scrunch with heirarchy phobias? Too tired to just enjoy the moment.

Maybe you could do with a break in nature

Your body is likely hanging out for a detox, your ears a break from city noise, your eyes needing a bit of greenery.
Join us at for a relaxing break surrounded by nature. 
We’ve put together a package with:

* some seriously good tasty wholesome food (yes all these qualities can be achieved at once)

* a yoga therapy specialist with the intuitive knowledge to tune to your body’s needs

* a laughter round with an infectious facilitator to get your diaphragm palpating

* magic moments of massage and meditation to bring you home to yourself

* exercise made fun with tips for everyday possibilities

* a talk a day on managing stress in your real life situation with support, guidance and information to take away from a seasoned stress and disability counsellor.