Adult Sandplay

Sandplay is a hands-on expressive therapy. Pictures of complex feelings about people and situations can be created without the use of words.

Symbolic pieces are chosen because of unexpressed and often forgotten experiences, thoughts, desires, feelings that have some meaning to the person in that moment. Put together in the safe, interested, environment of the sandtray, then any nagging inner turmoil and reaction can be expressed, understood and likely resolved.


A happier and lighter state of mind is achieved.

Often the person doing sandplay, the player, does not have to consciously face a painful issues to start achieving some resolution of internal problems. More, the player is encouraged and empowered by actively seeking solutions through symbolising outcomes before trying the reality.


The therapist , by observing body language and feelings shown can, without judgment, reflect this to the person, a sort of mirror for the player.


The player can better recognise what is important to them personally. Rather than the usual habit of responding to what may be important to those around them.


Facilitates a safe exploration of the clients circumstance,
Validates and clarifies the feelings
Reframes belief systems that the client identifies as limiting


Encourages investigation of unconscious tendencies
Gives the client the opportunity to discover new ways of relating