Idea of the Psyche

Translating Carl Jung’ s idea of the psyche, as best we can; the psyche is the overall ground of mind .

A Vast Sky

We could compare it to the vast sky above the landscape shown in the photo here.

Floating Within

Floating within that are our thought patterns, highly lit when conscious, with some foggy misty areas due to half forgotten beliefs and reactions to experiences.

At the Base

At the base is the very grounded darker areas of instinctual stuff, survival traits. To eat, to play, to fight or flee, to love, to desire sexual union are just some of the urges.


The Area Between

The area between is where the psychotherapist is trained to recognize form.

From Below

From below the natural urges rise like the forms of trees in the landscape photo above. If blocked from the psyche, i.e. soul, they become unsatisfied yearnings – eating disorders, addictions, the endless overcast days of depression.

From Above

From above are the dark smudges of the neuroses and fears moving across the consciousness. These produce the quirks of behaviour we all have that distinguish us as individuals. Most grip us for a short time then move off and we can go back to behaving normally. Some seize us for longer and dictate our behaviour. Some are uncomfortable enough for us to desire a change.


Transpersonal Psychotherapist View

A transpersonal psychotherapist will view things from this vertical spiritual axis. You are encouraged to transcend the limitations of who you might have thought you were.


The three major advantages of transpersonal psychotherapy are:


This is your world - you are in control


It does not focus on the issue but on ways to grow beyond than the glip or issue


Opening mind sets as it does you are left with spacious and optimistic feelings, grounded and present in the moment and waiting for the future to unfold