Family Therapy

east600Family therapy as affordable fun- for those who want to improve the quality of life.

We have six children of our own and believe passionately in the importance of family to our sense of security & self esteem- major factors in how long and well we live.

While most parents want the best for their children not everyone is aware of just what family can give back to the parents.

We have personally experienced the unfolding of families into far more more successful individuals, Dad’s becoming millionaires yet spending even more time just having fun with their family, Mum’s finding satisfaction not only in care giving roles but in successful careers. Their families support them through tough moments where others lose the plot.

Sometimes a few changes to the unconscious belief systems we were handed as children ourselves are needed…… more skills are often useful ….. life can be fuller, easier, and a whole lot more enjoyable.

At Innerstay we know that changes are hard and often painful work. So let’s have the fun first. Skills but only if you want them!

And if you feel good enough (or things get bad enough) to want to make changes we’re here and easy to contact.