Family Therapy & Marriage Counselling Questions

Almost every relationship has rocky patches, where our best friend can assume the nature of a dreaded enemy.

Misunderstandings arise, hurts seem to multiply, fear and vulnerability replace trust

“Most of our concern in relationship…..centers in doing away with discomforts, solving problems , and avoiding conflict” (Embracing Each Other – Relationship as Teacher, Healer & Guide Hal & Sidra Stone).

We are taught rational, cause and effect thinking from the cradle and so expect ourselves to respond mechanically like motor cars. Whereas relationship is an affect world where the subtleties of a single glance can carry myriads of meaning.

Years ago I ran eco-tours into rainforest wilderness. Just very occasionally I would come across a rare, almost unique couple. On these occasions I remembered walking through an area and feeling this warm, alive, tingling sensation. In each case I noticed I had passed between a couple giving each other warm smiles where even at a distance the exchange of affection was palpable. These were indeed special couples, who shared lots of history and a deep abiding trust and affection. They had raised children together over not less than 20 years.  I can only surmise that this level of trust and intimacy is a learnt thing, much and all as we yearn for a soul-mate with almost telepathic abilities.

The adventure of discovery in relationship is not only to risk ourselves in all our human frailties but to learn how to interpret what we find and how to cope with revelations that upset our equilibrium.

We share some of the questions that come up which are often age and situation dependent.

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