Counselling is a co-operative venture, an alliance, formed usually around the need to respond to difficult life circumstances. It helps to have someone who can understand your feelings in the context of your life in a confidential, empathetic , non- judgemental way.
The alliance works to respond to issues such as depression, self-esteem, anxiety, grief and loss, relationships, stress, parenting, trauma and abuse, by finding and developing resources.


Counselling therapy is personal, a counsellor will rarely adopt a system approach to issues. The principle is that you are not your issue. The aim then of counselling is to assist you to move on as a process of life. For this reason a counsellor is usually eclectic in approach, drawing from a wide range of life experience and seeking many ways of dealing with issues along the bumps and byways of life.
At Innerstay, counselling focuses on feelings in a respectful and objective way;

recognizing and identifying feelings,
understanding where they came from,
feelings as triggers to behaviour,
where they might sit in the body and affect it

how to assist the bad ones pass quickly,
how to promote the good ones,
how feelings create energy exchanges in relationship.


20160824_160751People feeling they need help in their particular situation and seek counselling quite often suffer from a chronic condition. They have been exposed to grief, anxiety, depression etc. over a longer period and have lost the natural resilience of the affective nervous system in the same way prolonged stress takes it’s toll.
It is possible even that affective feelings come from contact with others we attune to eg the sick in a ward, partner stress, parents who are war vets etc.
The sooner help is sought to identify feelings and develop resources the less we are likely to self harm by unconsciously recreating the situations that give rise to painful feelings; like prying at a sore tooth.


children-sand-play-headerThe need for counselling in relationship is usually arrived at by a process of elimination…..when all else fails. Totally understandable! No-one wants be a failure and be forced to change.
However relationship is not only the greatest teacher, but, providing it’s not scorned, the most forgiving. It is in this setting that we learn to be human, that we can relax and feel supported. It is the continuity of everyday interactions that nurture our sense of well-being.
And what it takes to make that a reality is a shift in our perceptions, a little imagination, and an emphasis on the soul qualities, kindness, patience, joy and the like.


Couple and Family Therapy

Sand tray work in particular is helpful in understanding the dynamic's of relationships as it beneficial displaying the interaction between people.