Children’s Workshops

Our workshops

Our workshops playfully address many common childhood issues such as managing anxiety, improving social skills, understanding separation and divorce, building self esteem and encouraging wonder about life. We work from the child’s perspective and encourage participation and learning in a safe caring and supportive environment.

Sandplay and Art Therapy

Sandplay and Art Therapy sessions at Innerstay help children work through emotional, psychosocial and behavioural difficulties and can help address family and school problems.

Children use the language of play to express themselves. Play may be initiated with materials such as paint, paper, clay, sand and miniature toys or figurines.

Sandplay and Art Therapy are effective tools in assisting children and families who have experienced any of the following issues:



Adjustment to separation and divorce

Worry and Anxiety

Children with an ASD

Social difficulties

Anger and Aggression

Sibling Rivalry

Self Esteem and Identity Issues

Build self esteem and confidence
Develop assertive communication skills
Explore strategies for seperation anxiety and preparing for change
Be encouraged to look at how they think, feel and act.
Be given tools to see how their beliefs and feelings play a part in the decisions they make, and what happens as a result.

Explore feelings and how to manage strong emotions
Learn how their beliefs about ‘what is possible’ determine what they do (or don’t do) in life.
Explore what gets in the way of doing what they say.
Examine how their actions can be determined by commitments they have made, rather than how they feel in the moment.
Reduce anxiety responses to fear and worry

If you believe Sandplay and Art Therapy workshops may help your child, or you are interested in individual session for your child please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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Childrens Workshops are usually held during the School holidays this gives the parent time to themselves while their child learns skills in a safe caring environment with two qualified therapist.

Depending on the age of children workshop hours vary- for example for the very young child between 6- 8 yrs their attention time is limited so the workshops are around 2 to three hours with a break for morning tea ( healthy snack) we keep the numbers of attendies down to about 8 participents so we can give the children quality time and undivided attention.