Do you have a deep need to be just listened to?

Do you have a deep need to be just listened to?

Often we want someone to listen without judging or taking over and telling us what to do.
Some of us worry that talking to friends or family will burden them with our worries or challenges.
In a very busy world we sometimes need to create time and the freedom to explore our challenges and find our own solutions, discover what we need to do, or where we need to go next.
At Innerstay we provide a Variety of Therapies for your needs, this could be Counselling, Sandplay, Psychotherapy, Relationship Guidance and Children's Therapies and Workshops.

Counselling, Sandplay, Psychotherapy, Relationship Guidance and Children's Therapies and Workshops

Talking through our challenges and anxieties and being listened to by a trained, qualified and experienced person can usually help to get clarification and resolution. In addition someone with years of experience will be able to impart skills,techniques and identify strengths so useful to our handling the situations tailored to our own special needs.

Counselling, Sandplay, Psychotherapy, Relationship, Children, Workshops, Family Therapy

Healing the Emotional Level with Counselling, Sandplay, Psychotherapy, Relationship Guidance and Children's Therapies and Workshops

Our Feelings are an important part of the life force that is constantly moving through us. If we don’t allow ourselves to fully experience our emotions, we stop the natural flow of that life force.

Sand Play

Sandplay is a hands-on expressive therapy. Often the person doing sandplay, the player, does not have to consciously face a painful issues to start achieving some resolution of internal problems.

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue allows you to develop an awareness and experience of your inner selves or sub-personalities. Sub-personalities are those aspects of ourselves such as the pleaser, pusher, critic or couch potato that serve important functions at different times.


Counselling therapy is personal, a counsellor will rarely adopt a system approach to issues. The principle is that you are not your issue. The aim then of counselling is to assist you to move on as a process of life.


A transpersonal psychotherapist will view things from this vertical spiritual axis. You are encouraged to transcend the limitations of who you might have thought you were.

Children's Sandplay

Sandplay is the most suitable way of working with children, as sandplay does not rely on language. It tunes into children’s pleasure in playing with toys and using them for exploring their feelings about life.


At Innerstay Intergrative Therapies we are passionate about supporting, educating and helping people build healthy, happy and satisfying loving relationships. We provide in our counselling session by having both a male and female counsellor with in each support session.


Is the lack of communication with your spouse/ partner creating conflict in your relationship?

Emotional, Relational and Work Challenges

Are you feeling depressed, isolated, stressed, anxious, experiencing low self-esteem / self worth or a nagging feeling of despair and general unhappiness.

What is life all about?

Are you wondering about the meaning of life and asking yourself what is my purpose, what is life all about?

Grief - Loss of Life

Are you feeling uncertain and being affected by world events or a recent loss in your life?

Past Events or Trauma

Are you affected by the impact of past events and trauma both physical or emotional?

Work Challenges

Are you having challenges at work?

Helen Wilson Evans - Counsellor / Psychotherapist

Specialising in Therapies: Children & Adult Sandplay, Relationships, Counselling, Grief & Loss, Self Development, Voice Dialogue
Helen Evans
Helen Evans
Counsellor / Pyschotherapist

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Specalising in Counselling, Psychotherapy, Sandplay, Voice Dialogue, Relationships, Family & Children Therapies

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